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Rescue Life International is a leadership Oriented Transforming prophetic ministry aimed at reclaiming, restoring and releasing people unto their God Given purposes by the message of Christ Jesus through prayer, worship, sound Biblical truth and a continual empowering partnership with Christ centered groups and churches for the furtherance of the cause of Christ to the Glory of God.

Dr. Bernard Blessing

Rev. Bernard Blessing is an insightful inspirer and a life coach to many emerging leaders and empowering organizations worldwide. Through the years in over hundred nations, Rev. Bernard Blessing has been propelling positive change and empowering love in countless heart through educational platforms, leadership summits, conferences, empowering life forums, social courses and life transforming music events.

His primary objective has always been to restore and refocus people to excellently fulfil their life assignment. In all his presentations, the core theme of Rev. Bernard's heart is expressed in these twelve (12) realities - Treasures out of Trouble, Jewels in Junk, Wealth in Waste, Gains Through Pain, Opportunities Through Obscurity, Chance Through Chaos, Change Through Challenges, Direction in Confusion, Strength Over Exhaustion, Positive Progress in the midst of Failure, Unlimited Resources in spite of Deficiencies and Empowering Love Over Self Centeredness.

He is also the visioneer and president of Mastery International, His House and His Song Music Family: a family of love motivated music makers who through excellence and positive music creates life changing opportunity for people to experience empowering love.

He is married to Becky Blessing and they reside in Accra - Ghana, West - Africa. .

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